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Everything you need to cover when interviewing a queens cleaning service

By December 20, 2014Uncategorized

Hiring the best cleaning services Queens has to offer is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward as it might seem on the surface.


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In fact, because of all of the different choices you will have available to you, it’s going to be at least a little bit of an uphill battle. There are just so many different professional cleaning services Queens NY to pick and choose from that finding the perfect one for your specific needs is going to take a bit of time and definitely a bit of extra effort on your behalf.

Thankfully, all of that extra effort is going to be worth it in the long run.

You see, you definitely don’t want to make the wrong decision when it comes time to hiring your Queens maid. There are just too many things that can spiral out of control in a hurry if the wrong experts are in your home (especially when you aren’t there), and all the extra headache and hassle just isn’t worth it.

This is why the interview process to go through in choosing a Queens cleaning service is so important.

You are going to want to make sure that you cover absolutely everything during the interview process, getting as many in-depth and quality answers as possible to be sure that you are always working with professional cleaning experts.

In order to help make that interview process a little bit easier (on your end, anyways), we’ve put together this little collection of things you’ll want to cover.

Try to squeeze in as many of these questions or details as possible throughout your interview process, just to give yourself all of the “inside information” there is to make your decision a lot easier. As mentioned above, there’s just too much at stake to make a wrong move.

Ready to get right into it?


Let’s get to it!

Ask your cleaning services queens about all of their past cleaning experience

The very first question you should have of any Queens cleaning service you are interested in should be about any of the past experience they have in this particular field.

This is a critical question for a bunch of different reasons.

For starters, you’re going to want to make sure that you are moving forward with a cleaning service Queens that has at least a bit of experience at the task at hand. You don’t want to move forward with brand-new cleaning services that may or may not know exactly what they’re doing in the first place, and you don’t want to be the first client for a service.

The last thing that you should have to worry about is whether or not you are a “crash dummy” or a training for the employees that your Queens cleaning service decided to hire, only to find out after the fact when your carpets are filthy or stained, your home is still a mess, or something (anything) went wrong and property or possessions are ruined.

It’s happened before (usually to people that were trying to save a couple of bucks by going with an unproven cleaning service Queens), and it will definitely happen again.

Just make sure that it isn’t going to happen to you!

Try to get as much information about their past experiences as possible, really dig into the kind of cleaning that they’ve done in the past, the types of clients that they’ve worked with, and the full suite of Queens cleaning services that they are going to be able to confidently offer you as a new client.

Every single piece of intelligence that you can pry from them is going to prove to be incredibly valuable moving forward, and though past experience isn’t exactly a guaranteed predictor of future success it’s probably the best thing we have.

At least you’ll be able to anticipate the kinds of services that they’ll be able to provide cute.

Ask if your queens cleaning service have any specific training or specialized experience

The second thing that you’ll want to inquire about is whether they have any specific or specialized training and experience that helps to separate their maid service in Queens from all of the others.

As mentioned above, you are going to find that there is an absolute flood of Residential Cleaning Services Queens (and all throughout the city, for that matter). You definitely aren’t going to want for choices.

In fact, there are going to be so many different options out there that you might find it next to impossible to make the right decision until you know what kinds of benefits or advantages particular services offer over the “rest of the pack” – and this is a great way to find out about those benefits.

You want to make sure that you are always moving the very best Queens cleaning service around, but you also need to make sure that you are moving forward with cleaning services Queens NY that are serious about their craft, serious about their trade, and want to make sure that each and every one of their clients get the best possible results.

By making sure that their employees go through rigorous training programs, take advantage of the latest equipment and solutions, and are as focused on customer service and excellence as possible, different cleaning services Queens companies will be able to separate themselves from the rest of the pack with ease.

That’s a big part of why Maid in Queens is such a popular choice for people in the city looking for professional cleaners to help them out. They are had in shoulders above everyone else in the area when it comes to training, experience, and a customer service first focus.

Ask them about their schedule

It’s obviously not going to do you a world of good to hook up with the best house cleaning services Queens NY if you aren’t going to be able to schedule them!

The very best of the best out there (we’re talking about companies like Maid in Queens) have a lot of clients out there, clients that are taking advantage of their Queens maid services on a regular and routine basis.

This means that they aren’t going to be able to fit everyone into their schedule, which may be a bit of a headache and hassle for you.

By talking to these professionals about their schedule early in the interview process, you’ll be able to better understand whether or not they are going to represent a solid fit for you and your expectations or if you need to look in another direction.

Of course, some Queens cleaning service companies out there are a bit more flexible when it comes to their schedule and others. A scheduling conflict definitely shouldn’t be something that is going to be a deal breaker right off of the bat, at least not until you have had the opportunity to explore other options and alternatives that may make sense for the both of you.

You’ll want to “pop this question” rather early in the interview process though, just as soon as you are sure that you’re at least interested in working with their Queens cleaning service.

At the same time, it’s not right to request that they shuffle things around for you as a prospective client until you have a rock solid idea that you’d like to become a client of theirs. It’s not fair to you, it’s not fair to them, and it’s the worst way to start a working relationship off.

Is this Queens cleaning service 100% “above board”?

Unsurprisingly to most (but still a little bit shocking to some), there are a lot of “gray area” businesses operating in the New York City area.

I know, I know – surprise, surprise.

And while some of these fly-by-night housecleaning Queens services can be pretty reliable and often times incredibly cheap, the truth of the matter is you don’t want to get sucked up into all of that unless you’re willing to roll the dice with all of your possessions (and potentially the health and safety those closest to you).

You see, most of the time when there are breaking new stories about “Queens cleaning services gone wrong” they are focused on illegal or at least semi-illegal operations that people shouldn’t have been working with in the first place.

These kinds of operations have nothing to things from actively participating in bad behavior, and when you decide to go with them you’re pretty much signing your own “robbery warrant” – even if they don’t end up fleecing you!

There’s just no reason whatsoever to take that kind of risk, to expose yourself, your property, or your loved ones to those kinds of sticky situations. This is especially true when there are so many affordable high-quality maid service Queens professionals out there that work for 100% legitimate operations, the kinds of house cleaning services Queens NY can be proud of!

Always (ALWAYS) decide to work with is only the legitimate Queens maids and you shouldn’t have to worry about too terribly much. Decide to go with a fly-by-night operation (or even worse, a completely unverified “independent Queens maid contractor”), and you’re really starting to play with fire!

Figure out the kinds of services that they offer

Not all Queens cleaning service organizations are created equal.

Some are going to offer “full bloat” services that it comes this just about everything and anything you could imagine, whereas others are going to be more selective or “niche” in the queens cleaning services that they provide.

Depending entirely upon the results that you are hoping for or looking forward to, as well as the special requests that you have, you’ll need to make sure that you are always working with the right cleaning services Queens offers to meet your specific needs, or you’re going to be in for a world of frustration, headache, and hassle.

You should definitely inquire about the level of services that they provide, while at the same time outlining your own expectations so that everyone is on the exact same page. You want to make sure that there is a solid open line of communication between both parties right off the bat, as your entire working relationship is going to be based off of the communication that you have going back and forth with one another.

Figuring out the services that they have to offer will also give you at least some ballpark idea about the overall cost of doing business with the professionals. You might not always be able to get a rock solid quote right after the interview process (though in many cases you will be able to do exactly that), but at least you’ll have some idea of the amount of money that you’ll need to spend to leverage the better cleaning services Queens has to offer when you walk away from that first meeting.

Determine how they are going to solve unforeseen issues or emergencies

When it comes to working with cleaning services Queens NY companies, you’re going to want to expect the best yet prepare for the worst.

Sure, everyone wants to think that this kind of working relationship is going to work out perfectly right from day one, and truthfully you might find that this is your experience.

However, it’s always a good idea to have contingency plans in place, not only for how you will respond to hassle, headache, frustration, unforeseen issues or emergencies later down the line, but also to see how the Queens cleaning service you work with anticipates handling these issues as well.

Not everything is going to be sunshine and roses at all times, and they may run into a cleaning project that isn’t so easily resolved or one that they are able to quickly tackle.

You need to make sure that you are working with professionals that understand that there are potentially going to be hiccups along the way, and that they have an action plan in place to make sure that this is a problem for you.

At the end of the day, you need to work with the very best of the best.

Consider contacting the experts at Maid in Queens and interviewing them at your earliest convenience to find out why so many people consistently recommend them over just about every other one of the cleaning services Queens today!

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