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14 time saving house cleaning tips from your queens cleaning service you wish you knew about – Part Two

By December 10, 2014Uncategorized

We’re glad you’re back – whether you made the decision to hire a Queens cleaning service or not!

maid service Flushing NY

In part one of this quick guide, we broke down seven of the best time-saving housecleaning tips around to help you make the most out of your weekly cleaning efforts in order to help you cut down on the amount of time that you spend tackling chores.

We sure hope that you got a lot out of it!

We definitely like to think that we saved the very best for last in part two of this guide, and have included below seven more killer tips to help you speed up the amount of time that you spend doing chores.

It’s true that you might not ever be able to avoid doing any chores whatsoever (unless of course you hire a top-flight maid service Flushing NY professional to come in and do all of the work for you), but there’s no reason whatsoever that you should have to spend so much time doing something that most people absolutely hate.

If you were to randomly poll 100 people on New York City streets about what they absolutely hated about having their own place, 99 out of 100 – and maybe even every single one of them – would probably bring up some kind of chore that they just aren’t wild about.

People just don’t go crazy about doing chores.

There’s nothing fun or exciting about vacuuming, doing dishes gets really old really quickly, and let’s not even talk about having to do laundry or taking out the garbage. The last thing that you want to have to deal with when you get home is a mountain of chores that need to be taken care of so that you don’t end up living in a pigsty, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours and hours every single week doing them.

In fact, with the other seven tips and tricks we’ve included below, you might not have to spend any more than a couple of hours each week tackling your chores – and if you decide to hire a Queens cleaning service you might not have to spend any time at all!

Hopefully you’ll stick around for the second half of this guide and check out all of the insider information that we have put together for you below. We really think it’s going to help, and hope that you use these tips and tricks – or hire one of the better cleaning services Forest Hills NY has to offer – to make your life a lot easier going forward.

So let’s cut the chitchat and get right to the meat and potatoes of this guide, shall we?

Let’s get right to it!

Tip #8 – Divide and conquer all of the clutter you have in your home

One of the easiest ways (and the fastest ways) that you can speed up the amount of time you spend cleaning your home is do not have to deal with clutter in the first place.

Now, there is absolutely no way on Earth that you’re going to be able to live in a pristine apartment, townhouse, or home here in New York City. It’s just not going to happen that way. Life is going to get in the way, and as we all know life can get a little bit messy, and most homes look nothing like those glossy photographs in magazines 99% of the time.

At the exact same time, however, you should be able to dramatically reduce the amount clutter that you live with a day to day basis. This is going to involve a little bit of foresight, a little bit of planning ahead, and a little bit of relief paying attention to when messes are starting to accumulate – but it’s not going to take backbreaking work or a lot of mental anguish to put a “decluttering” plan into action.

In fact, when done correctly, it can be a lot of fun!

What you’re going to want to do is get your hands on a number of “catchall tubs” that you can strategically place around your home.

These might be wicker baskets, plastic totes, or just about anything else that can act as an oversized container (but it’s probably better if they fit into the decor if at all possible). You’re going to want to assign everyone in the house their very own catchall tub, and from there maid service Flushing NY are going to be responsible for the things in it as well as the things that belong in it.

These catchall solutions can be stacked neatly under furniture, talked away in the corner, or placed strategically near places where messes like to accumulate, and the rule in the house has to be that everything that is taken out of these catchall tubs finds its way back into it – or ends up getting thrown out, donated, were placed into a more permanent location.

It’s not going to take all that much willpower to get the clutter in your home under control when you decide to go with a solution like this.

And if you do end up deciding to work with a top-flight queens cleaning service, they’ll appreciate that you went to these lengths to make their lives (and their jobs) a little bit easier.

Tip #9 – Have a dedicated “cleaning closet”

A major mistake that a lot of people make (completely unintentionally 99.9% of the time) is that maid service Flushing NY end up spreading all of their cleaning supplies throughout the house rather than keeping them in a single central location.

Sure, you might think that putting all of your bathroom cleaning supplies in the bathroom, all of your kitchen cleaning supplies in the kitchen, and all of your laundry supplies in the laundry room is going to save a lot of time, a lot of headache, and a lot of hassle – and it probably will – but you’re also going to want to have a dedicated “cleaning closet” for all of those other miscellaneous cleaning supplies that you’ll use of a regular basis that might end up finding their way into spaces where they should be.

By assigning a single space in your home as the “cleaning closet” (and it could be anything from a plastic tote all the way up to its very own cabinet or closet, it makes little difference), you’re never going to have to feel like you are hunting and searching for cleaning supplies.

Instead, you’ll know exactly where everything is without any headache whatsoever, and you’ll also know whether or not you need to take a quick trip to the store to replenish your supplies before you find yourself in a situation where you discover too late that you have run out.

Another extra benefit to having a dedicated cleaning closet is that any of these cleaning services Queens that you decide to go with are going to be able to use this space as a “home base”, and will also be the appreciate that maid service Flushing NY don’t have to lug their own supplies up to your place, either.

This might end up saving you hundreds of dollars throughout the year on supply costs that were more than a little bit marked up.

Tip #10 – Purchase a high quality squeegee as suggested by your maid service Flushing NY – you’re going to love it

One of those “secret tools” that a lot of Queens cleaning service professionals whereby (and a tool that too terribly many homeowners and going without for a variety of different reasons) is your everyday squeegee.

Yes, that funky little tool that you’ll find that just about every gas station and car wash across America is going to be an absolute game changer when you decide to purchase one for your home.

Perfect for bathroom spaces as well as in the kitchen (near the sink), you’ll want to use the squeegee wherever water comes into contact with counters, walls, or any other surface whatsoever. You see, when moisture has an opportunity to build up (especially warm, moist air like you’ll find in the shower) bacteria is going to absolutely flock to it – they love it, and will turn those kinds of spaces into an unbelievable breeding ground.

Obviously, bacteria is the last thing that you want flooding your home or property, so make sure that you use a squeegee to remove any standing water or wick away as much moisture as you can.

You’ll find that a lot of the maid service Flushing NY professionals out there keep at least one (and sometimes a couple) squeegees on hand for this express purpose, and maid service Flushing NY may even believe one behind for you to use in between cleanings!

Tip #11 – It’s all going to boil down to your level of focus

If you really want to make sure that you cut down on the amount of time you spend cleaning your home, you’re going to need to eliminate as many distractions as humanly possible.

And it isn’t going to be easy, that’s for sure.

Queens cleaning service live in what many consider to be the most distracted point in human history, and that’s saying something. Our phones are constantly buzzing, our tablets are streaming music and media almost 24/7, we always have the TV on in the background, and we are just looking for an opportunity to jump on our computers and kill a little bit of time.

Sure, you might think that it’s a good idea to have the TV on in the background while your cleaning if only to distract you from the task at hand, but that’s exactly what you’re trying to avoid.

We think that we are masters of efficiency and completely competent multitaskers, but psychologists the world over are releasing research that proves Queens cleaning service are absolutely awful at juggling more than two things at a time – and you aren’t going to be able to stop breathing any time soon!

Cut out the distractions and act as though you worked for a queens cleaning service yourself. If you think of yourself as your very own Queens maid, you might not be so glib about wasting time and instead focus on the task at hand until you have hammered it out.

It’s at least worth a try!

Tip #12 – The more the merrier

One of the worst parts of about having to do your own queens cleaning service (or anywhere, for that matter) is that you almost always have to tackle this kind project on your own.

There’s nothing worse than staring down a project that you don’t want to do in the first place other than knowing that you aren’t going to get any help along the way.

This in turn causes people to procrastinate left and right, and before you know it your house is a mess and you have to bite the bullet, roll up your sleeves, and dive headfirst into it.

If you can recruit a couple of friends to act as your very own pro bono Queens cleaning service you might be able to hammer things out in a quarter of the time. Sure, you might have to help them out when maid service Flushing NY put the call in, but you’re still going to spend a lot less time cleaning – and you’ll enjoy your time a whole lot more!

Tip #13 – Make your routine your own

You’re going to get all kinds of tips and tricks to clean your home from all different kinds of sources (including house cleaning services Queens NY), but it’s up to you to sift through all that and really find a way that works best for you.

Some people say that you should sweep and vacuum last, where others tell you that this is what you need to knock out first, but there really is no right way or wrong way to do a bit of cleaning.

It’s just important that the job gets done, and whatever you have to do to get it done faster is the perfect way.

Tip #14 – Call in the cleaning services Forest Hills NY professionals

The final tip that Residential Cleaning Services Queens is going to give you is probably the biggest time saver of them all:

Don’t clean your own place, but instead hire cleaning services Forest Hills NY professionals to do it for you.

When you work with the right experts you aren’t going to have to lift a single finger of your own to get your house perfectly cleaned from top to bottom, and it shouldn’t cost all that much if you end up working with the best cleaning services Forest Hills NY.

Most consider the professionals at Maid in Queens to be the best of the best, and they are definitely worth an interview.

Contact your maid service Flushing NY today to schedule one at your earliest convenience!

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