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5 Mistakes people ALWAYS make when hiring cleaning services queens in New York

By September 18, 2014Uncategorized

5 Mistakes people ALWAYS make when hiring cleaning services queens in New York

If you’ve already decided that it’s time to hire the very best cleaning services Queens has to offer, but have absolutely no idea where to start, you are nowhere near alone.

cleaning services queensEven though there are literally hundreds of thousands of people in New York City (and even more in the tri-state area) that have already made the decision to hire a cleaning service to come in and take care of their everyday “routine maintenance”, the truth is most people haven’t – and when they do make this decision, they just don’t have any idea of how to choose the right one.

And unless you get lucky and someone recommends a top-of-the-line cleaning service in Queens like Maid in Queens, you’re going to have to pick and choose from all different kinds of cleaning services Queens, NY calls its own – which is only going to open up a world of hassle and headache that you might not even be ready for right now.

Combine this all with the fact that people who do a mountain of research still make five pretty common mistakes when it comes time to hire one particular Queens cleaning service over another, and you’re looking at a situation that has a lot of extra stress and pressure packed right into it. Stress and pressure that most people never would have anticipated, let alone planned for.

Luckily, with the help of this quick guide, you are going to be able to avoid a lot of bad headache and hassle completely.

By paying attention to the insider details that we have provided, you’ll have no trouble whatsoever picking from all of the different maid service Flushing, NY opportunities out there, picking and choosing amongst the very best cleaning services Forced Hills, NY has to offer.

It’s going to be a lot easier when you follow along with the details below.

Yes, there are other things that you’ll need to consider before you hire a particular Queens made service. And yes, this list is nowhere near the complete and comprehensive breakdown of all the mistakes that people make when they decide to hire Queens cleaning services.

But these five criteria below represent the worst of the bunch, the most common mistakes that can derail your experience with cleaning services in Queens forever, robbing you of the happiness and stress free life that you’ll enjoy when you team up with the right professionals.

Shall we jump right in?

Never choose a queens cleaning service based only on the prices that they promise

The absolute worst thing you could do when looking for the right house cleaning services in Queens, NY is to pick and choose a specific service based only off of the prices that they promise during your initial interview.

The good companies are going to promise some kind of price range that is about in the ballpark of what your actual bill will be.

The great companies (companies like Maid in Queens) are going to give you an itemized breakdown of the prices that you can expect to find on your actual invoice, and aside from some miscellaneous fees it’s going to be almost exactly accurate to the price you pay when moving forward with their services.

The bad companies, on the other hand?

Who knows what they are willing to promise to get your personal, private, and payment information.

These gypsy-like a roving services are almost always fly-by-night operations that do not check the references of their Queens maid employees, and may even be specifically designed as a “point man” for less than ethical or nefarious operations that are looking to separate you from your hard-earned possessions.

On top of that, people that charge rock-bottom prices usually deliver rock-bottom results. They are bottom feeder businesses that have no passion for the job that they are about to undertake, and maybe even worse have no passion for making your life a little bit easier – which is the actual job that you have hired them for!

Do you really want to have to look over your shoulder and worry about whether or not the cleaning services queens you have hired are going to live up to your expectations?

Of course not.

You usually get what you pay for in life, and you’ll definitely find this to be true when it comes time to bring in specific house cleaning services in Queens, NY.

You don’t want to drop the ball with this one.

Never choose a service without checking ALL of their references

The other big mistake that people make (and one that can prove to be disastrous later down the line) is forgetting or simply not checking all of the references for the house cleaning services in Queens, NY that they are thinking about working with.

Yes, in this day and age bad news gets halfway around the world faster than just about anything else. And yes, thanks to the power of the Internet you’re only going to be a couple of clicks away from finding out just about anything and everything you’d ever want to know about the best cleaning services Queens has to offer.

But all of that information (ALL of it) is going to be next to useless unless you actually take advantage of the fact that it exists.

You need to look into all of the Queens cleaning services that you are thinking about bringing and having in your home, but you also need to look into all of the Queens cleaning service employees that you expect or anticipate to come into your home.

All of the research in the world isn’t going to give you every detail that you need or paint a perfect picture about what someone may or may not do. But armed with this information, you’ll be able to make much more educated guesses about who you want on your own, who you want to spend your money with, and who you trust with your prized possessions when you aren’t around – and who you feel like running away from just as quickly as humanly possible!

ALWAYS investigate the references that you find or are provided with before hiring any Queens cleaning service out there today.

Never choose a service without first interviewing all of the cleaning services queens that you’ll be working with

This goes hand-in-hand with the information provided above, but is almost more important.

You see, doing a little bit of third-party research is going to provide you with a mountain of information about be documented details pertaining to different cleaning services Queens, NY calls its own or cleaning services in Forest Hills, NY – but you’re never going to get a “gut feeling” about a specific business or specific cleaning professionals until you get the chance to look them in the eyes and ask them questions.

You’ll want to schedule an interview session with any of the cleaning service Queens, NY businesses that you’re thinking hiring, and you’re going to want to make sure that you outline a number of questions that you’d like to have answered by each and every one of them before you show up for the meeting.

Be polite, be courteous, but be respectful of your own time and make sure that everyone knows exactly what you’re looking for, exactly what you’re after, and exactly how you feel about doing business with them.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be unpleasant at any point in time (even if you get the feeling that a Queens cleaning service isn’t quite on par with top tier ones like Maid in Queens), but it does mean that you need to pay attention to how you feel about specific responses at least as much as you are to the actual answers that they are providing.

It’s hard to get a read on complete and total strangers, but the more often that you interviewed different maid service Queens employees the more likely it is for you to figure out exactly who you feel most comfortable working with and who you wouldn’t want to spend any time with at all.

Never choose a service without clearly outline ALL of your expectations and specific requests

A lot of people have an expectation about the cleaning services Queens has to offer that isn’t exactly as accurate as most people would think.

Contrary to popular belief, the cleaning services queens that you hire to come in and take care of your household maintenance aren’t going to be like indentured servants – picking up everything and anything they see that needs to be attended to, scrubbing every surface or vacuuming every floor along the way.

You are going to need to carefully outline exactly what kinds of Queens cleaning services you’re looking for, exactly what kind of cleaning and maintenance you want them to take care of, and exactly the kinds of results you are expecting – or if you are going to have a real mess on your hands.

The beautiful thing about hiring the better cleaning services Queens, NY has to offer is that they are almost always open to completely customizing the services they provide to match your expectations – and not the other way around.

You’ll be able to outline exactly what you want and exactly what you do not want, and together you and your team of cleaning services queens will be able to figure out the best way to streamline this process going forward.

In the early few weeks, when everyone is just getting to know each other and the task at hand, you’re going to want to be at least a little bit lenient about mistakes that may be made along the way. However, you’ll also want to find a way to correct those mistakes before they become ingrown habits, mistakes that cannot be undone no matter how aware a specific Queens maid is about the problem.

It’s even better if you can establish your expectations in writing, and better still if you can create some kind of checklist that they will have to fill out every single time they come into your home to provide you with their services.

This is a great way to find out which maid services are the best cleaning services Forest Hills, NY has to offer, and which ones you wouldn’t want to work with even if they paid you for the chance to do your cleaning!

Never choose a service without perfectly feeling comfortable about your decision

Obviously, you’re going to want to rely as much as possible on cold hard facts and real life information before you make this kind of decision.

However, it would be crazy to think that your “gut instincts” aren’t going to play a role in which of the cleaning services Queens has to offer you decide to move forward with.

Everyone knows that their subconscious mind is incredibly more complex and powerful than the conscious mind, and yet (for reasons completely unknown) we still tend to try and rationalize things even when our gut instinct is telling us that there is just something off about whatever it is we were looking to do.

You’ll want to pay close attention to your gut instincts during the interview phase of the process, and definitely focus on your gut instincts when you are in your home with these cleaning professionals performing their services. If at any time things don’t feel right, don’t be afraid to jump ship and look for a different maid service Flushing, NY has to offer.

You need to be comfortable.

If you want to work with the very best of the best (and who doesn’t) without having to spend a small fortune on cleaning services in Queens, contact the experts at Maid in Queens and set up a consultation just as soon as humanly possible.

You’ll be able to find out firsthand exactly why so many people in the New York City area consider them to be the very best cleaning service around – and you’ll also get the chance to have them tackle all of your cleaning projects for you!


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