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5 Things you need to know before you hire a queens maid in NYC

By September 8, 2014Uncategorized

5 Things you need to know before you hire a queens maid in NYC



Things you need to know before you hire a queens maid in NYC

Hiring a Queens maid service might not be rocket science or the most difficult thing that you’ve ever done, but it’s not a walk in the park, either.

You’re going to be asking someone (or a small army of someone’s) to come into your home – your most intimate spaces – see it at its very messiest, and pick up all of the dirt, debris, and clutter that has been tossed about during daily life all without ever batting an eyelash and doing it with a smile for just a couple of bucks in their back pocket.

The only thing standing between them and fleecing you out of absolutely everything you own (or letting someone else know about all of your most valuable possessions, and maybe drawing them a map as to where they are located on the property) is how you treat them and how well you select the service that you decide to work with.

Obviously, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of different queens maid professionals out there to pick and choose from. New York City has absolutely flush with queens cleaning service professionals, so you’re not going to have a hard time finding two or three (or 50 or 60) different services to pick and choose from.

Most of them aren’t the top tier level at the highest end of the industry quite like queens maid is (but there are always industry leaders in any marketplace), so you’re going to need to make sure that you’re always making the right move and choosing the right people to come in and take care of all of your chores for you.

Well, that’s going to be next to impossible to do unless you know each of the five things that we have outlined below.

Now, this isn’t a complete and comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to know about picking and choosing any of the best maid service Flushing, NY professionals – but it’s definitely more than enough to get you down the right path so that you don’t have to worry about making a mistake (a potentially catastrophic mistake) later down the line.

You’re going to find this stuff very, very useful!


Your Queens maid (probably) knows A LOT more about cleaning than you do

The very first thing you need to know (though you probably have a pretty good idea already, and it’s more of any knowledge than anything else) is that the Queens maids that you hire to come into your home and clean everything from top to bottom most likely know a whole lot more about cleaning than you do.

And they are probably not looking for tips and tricks from the peanut gallery.

Sure, you’re going to want to be as upfront and honest with your queens maid about your expectations for what gets cleaned, what gets left alone, and any other special requests you may have – and it’s even better if you put each of them in writing – but you’re also going to want to allow these professionals to do their job the way they know how to best.

Remember, they are spending five days a week (at least) bouncing from house to house, property to property, queens cleaning service absolutely everything as they go along and they have probably created a pretty efficient system.

Like Tom Brady in the two-minute offense, they are going to operate almost on autopilot the moment that they come through your doors, acting like a well-oiled cleaning machine if they are left (pretty much) to their own devices.

If you throw a whole bunch of curveballs their way, and knock them off of their everyday routine, not only are they going to slow down and spend more time in your home cleaning everything, they are also going to end up charging you a little bit extra because of the delay – and sometimes that little bit extra turns into a whole lot of extra.

As mentioned above, if you have serious requests and things that you definitely want them to take care of (or things you definitely want them to leave), don’t be shy about getting those things down in writing and making sure that they are addressed every single time your house cleaning services in queens comes around.

But if you pretty much turn them on autopilot your results are going to be impressive, depending entirely upon the actual cleaning service you’ve hired, of course!


…She probably knows a little bit more about efficient organization, too

A lot of people absolutely lose their minds when things are organized differently than the way they are used to, even if then new organization is a lot more efficient than the system that they were running in the past.

It’s just one of those weird human quirks that almost all of us have had since we were little children, but it’s valuable to “kick that habit” when you have a master of the efficiency and organization in your employ – especially if they are one of the best Queens maids around.

Yes, it’s going to take a little bit of getting used to when you find that all of the towels are neatly folded and placed in a pile over in the corner of your closet instead of haphazardly thrown on the floor next to your shower (or something else entirely), but before you go up one side and down the other in an almost nuclear meltdown just because of how the towels are now organized, really sit back and think about whether or not it’s a better system.

Sometimes (not all the time, but definitely sometimes) you’re going to find your maid service Flushing, NY experts have turned you on to something that you might never have stumbled upon all on your own – a system of organization that just plain makes sense the second that you see it.

Those little moments, when the clouds seemingly part in the sky and the sun comes beaming directly down into your home or apartment, are worth absolutely every penny you’ve invested on a Queens cleaning service.

Sure, the elbow grease that they put in (and all of the messes that they pick up) are pretty valuable to – but these little extra efficiencies that make your day just a bit easier, just a bit less stressful, and maybe even a bit more enjoyable are little treats that you’d never discover unless you had hired the best cleaning services in Queens has to offer.

Who knows what you’ve been missing out on this entire time?


A good service is going to include multiple people – but you’ll have to request queens maid the same team in the future

It’s very, very rare to find just a single Queens maid that can tackle multiple homes or apartments every single week and still deliver top-notch quality across the board.

Sure, some of the Queens maids that queens cleaning service employees are definitely up to the task in that department and operate perfectly fine “flying solo”, but truth be told you’re probably always going to want to have a small army of cleaning experts in your home at any given point in time.

For one, the more hands on deck you have providing you with cleaning services in Queens, NY the faster that the job is going to get done and the less time that these people are going to have to spend in your home.

The faster that they get the job done the sooner they are gone and the sooner that their billable hours stop, which means that you’ll pay less for a top-level job than you would have otherwise.

Secondly, when you have a small army of house cleaning services in Queens, NY tackling your particular space, everyone is going to have a designated job that they are responsible for an ill be able to focus with a laserlike precision on that and that alone.

They won’t get distracted by a mess half way across the room, they won’t be thinking about whether or not they did a good job cleaning windows when they are supposed to be vacuuming, but instead they’ll be focused only on delivering the best quality they can for whatever part of the project they are responsible for.

And finally, and almost paradoxically, the more people that you have in your queens maid service band of experts the less likely you are to deal with a pack of thieves.

When you work with a high quality service (like the cleaning services in queens) every single employee is going to be screened every which way from Sunday, but that doesn’t mean that someone isn’t going to “fall through the cracks” anyways.

When you have that person in your home solo, and they know that no one is around to catch them, they are going to be much more likely to get like fingers and make off with something that you probably won’t be able to replace – at least without paying a bucket of money for something that you already own!

When there are other people around (especially other people that they have to see on a daily basis), the temptation to get sticky fingers just isn’t going to be quite as strong as it would have been all on their own.

It’s just something you’ll want to consider.


She will REALLY appreciate you tidying up ahead of time

The last thing that you are ever going to want to do after hiring a professional maid service Flushing, NY team of experts to come in and take care of all of your cleaning needs do the bulk of the heavy lifting on your own.

After all, that’s what you’re paying these people for.

On the flip side, just because you have hired one of the better cleaning services Forest Hills, NY has to offer doesn’t mean that you should start to live like some kind of feudal lord or medieval master and just throw things around because you know there will always be someone to pick them up.

At the end of the day, these people are going to be responsible for making your life a lot easier. You want to do absolutely everything you can to make their job a little less stressful, a little less hectic, and a little less “gross and nasty”, so try to do just a bit of tidying up on a regular basis while leaving the bigger messes or more involved maintenance in the hands of experienced professionals.

There are a lot of advantages to hiring the right cleaning service Queens professionals, but they will definitely appreciate you going and putting in a little bit of extra effort to make their lives just a bit easier.

And they will almost always reciprocate with a better quality job – especially if you leave a couple of bucks around as a tip for them!


She may or may not be your employee – according the IRS

Finally, you’re going to want to figure out (well in advance of signing any employment agreements) whether or not you are hiring independent contractors or if the IRS is going to consider your maid service Flushing, NY experts to be actual employees underneath you.

There may not seem like there is a world of difference between these two designations, but nothing could be further from the truth.

An independent contractor and an employee are miles apart when it comes to the taxes that you’ll be responsible for paying, any benefits that you’ll be responsible for offering, and a whole host of other nasty little extras that you do not want to end up surprised by.

Get their designation in writing (preferably signed and notarized as well) before you sign on the dotted line.

If you’re serious about hiring the very best possible Queens maid service around, make sure to look into the cleaning services in queens and maintenance service. They have a sterling silver reputation in Queens (and all throughout New York City), and can offer a tailored level of packages and services to meet your specific needs and your price point.

You’d be crazy to hire a service without at least considering them!







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