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Do you really know who your maid queens cleaning service is?

By November 28, 2014Uncategorized

There are a lot of people that could seriously benefit from taking advantage of the best cleaning services Queens has to offer that simply don’t because they are at least a little bit nervous about hiring a team of strangers to come into their home – especially if they aren’t going to be around.


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This is completely and totally understandable, especially when the news is regularly publishing stories about “maids gone bad”, either robbing their clients blind or getting into other sticky situations that wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t hired in the first place.

The queens cleaning service industry has always had a bit of a love/hate reputation behind it, but unfortunately the overwhelming majority of completely professional queens cleaning service out there have had to deal with the negativity even though they haven’t done anything wrong.

The real secret to success in hiring the right cleaning services queens (or anywhere else, for that matter) is interviewing candidates the right way, always checking references, and making sure that you are only choosing to work with true professionals – not some fly-by-night operation that you found for next to nothing on Craigslist!

Once you know who your maids really are, you aren’t going to have to worry about whether or not they can be trusted with your most precious prize belongings even when you aren’t around to keep an eye on everything.

And that’s why we have put together this quick guide.

By the time you are done with the information below, you will have a better understanding of what it takes to hire the best cleaning services queens has to offer, a cleaning service like the one provided by Maid in Queens.

All it takes is a bit of common sense, the insider information that we break down for you below, and a little bit of research, and before you know it you’ll be coming home to a perfectly clean place every single day without breaking your bank account (or your back)!

On top of that, you with literally never have to worry about your queens cleaning service taking advantage of you (or taking any of your belongings) when you aren’t at home.

Sound like a plan?


Let’s get right down to the meat and potatoes of it all and call your local cleaning services queens now!

You need to interview absolutely EVERYONE

The very first thing you need to do when hoping to hire the best Queens Cleaning Services USA around is to make a real commitment to interviewing just as many different cleaning services queens ny as humanly possible – professional cleaning services queens – before you decide to “sign on the dotted line” to any cleaning service contract.

You are going to discover that there are all kinds of house cleaning services queens services available out there for you to take advantage of, and none of them are created equal.

Some are going to be staffed with full-time professionals that have been in the cleaning services queens for decades, understand their job front to back, and will deliver a completely professional and customized solution.

Then there are those at the opposite end of the spectrum that are just starting out, eager to win your business, and probably willing to offer their services at a considerable discount.

Of course, you’ll also find absolutely everything in between those two extremes, as well.

This means you are going to need to conduct more than a little bit of research into the different house cleaning services queens ny to find the one that makes the most sense for you and your specific needs.

If you’re only interviewing or researching full-blown services that offer an entire fleet of maintenance to clean your home but you only live in a small studio and are operating off of a pretty tight budget, you’re obviously not going to be able to find a service that matches up to your price point or your expectations.

Commit to interviewing at least five different businesses that promise to offer the best cleaning services Queens, and why as to offer. Then (and only then) will you have a real idea as to what kinds of services are actually available in Queens as well as what your reasonable expectations should be for hiring them.

This search shouldn’t take you too terribly long to conduct, and by the time you are done, you will have a bit of expertise in hiring Queens cleaning service that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Put this expertise to good use when you are leveraging the tips and tricks we’ve broken down below!

References are absolutely golden

There is absolutely no reason why you should even consider moving forward with any of the cleaning services Queens has to offer that aren’t willing (or aren’t able) to provide you with a number of references that you can actually verify all on your own.

Cleaning businesses that have been around for any longer than a year should have at least 15 or 20 solid references that they are willing to connect you with, references to past or current clients that will vouch for their reliability, their services, and whether or not you can trust them.

If you are dealing with any company that blanches at the idea of you contacting their past customers or their past clients, you are probably dealing with some kind of fly-by-night operation that should be avoided at all costs. After all, that this usually means one of two things:

  • Either they do not have as many clients as they have let you to believe or
  • They have such poor relationships with their past clients and customers that they do not want you speaking to them at any point in time

Either of these two reasons are major red flags, and you should run (not walk, but run) in the opposite direction just as quickly as you possibly can.

Yes, there are some specific exceptions to this rule, especially as far as brand-new cleaning services Queens, NY businesses are concerned. You’ll need to measure whether or not the benefits of using one of these brand-new operations are worth the risk of them not quite delivering on your expectations.

You (and you alone) are going to know whether or not this is a compromise that you are willing to make.

At the end of the day, you need to be able to trust the people that you are going to be inviting into your home, especially if you are going to have them cleaning your home when you aren’t around to check up on them.

If references aren’t that important to you, maybe you will feel comfortable enough to go with a brand-new operation or a company offering housecleaning services in Queens, NY that cannot provide you with any client testimonials or case studies.

Most people will not be willing to take on that kind of risk.

You probably shouldn’t be willing to take on that kind of risk, either.

That’s why you’ll want to consider moving forward with a professional service that offers all kinds of references and testimonials you can personally verify independently, a service like the one provided by Maid in Queens.

They are one of the most trusted cleaning services in all of Queens (and the greater New York City area, for that matter) for a variety of real reasons!

This is just one of them.

Where did you hear about these queens cleaning service?

Another critical factor that will help you to determine whether or not a particular Queens cleaning service is on the “up and up” is remembering exactly how you heard about these cleaning services in the first place.

The method of marketing and advertising that helped you to discover a particular cleaning service is going to tell a lot about a company, even if it might not look that way on the surface.

Think of it this way:

There is probably a world of difference between a company that is using less than ethical or “shotgun approach” marketing methods to get extra attention about their services, attention that their employees and their reputation couldn’t earn in the first place.

Any cleaning service that has to rely on these “low-level” marketing methods or advertising approaches probably aren’t worth your time or your money, though this obviously isn’t a hard and fast rule poured in concrete.

On the other hand, a company that mostly relies on word-of-mouth marketing, referrals and recommendations, and their reputation will probably enjoy some significant benefits – especially when it comes to winning new business.

These kinds of companies often market and advertise as well (you have to be at least a little bit crazy as a business owner not to actively try and find new customers in the most competitive business environment in human history, after all), but these approaches will routinely be more “upscale” and expensive.

The more money that a company is willing to invest in finding new clients and winning new customers, the better off they are usually going to be – though again, this isn’t a hard and fast rule that has been poured in concrete, either.

At the end of the day, how you hear about a specific Queens cleaning service is going to have a large impact on whether or not you feel like you can’t trust them.

All businesses (all smart businesses) are going to market and advertise, but the ones that are successful – and want to become even more successful – are going to pull out all the stops when it comes to winning and earning your business.

The professionals at Maid in Queens have a sterling silver reputation in the community, and much of their business is built on the back of personal referrals and recommendations from past clients and current customers.

This just goes to illustrate what kind of company they are – if they weren’t worthwhile, people would continue to recommend them to their friends, family members, acquaintances, business partners, or even complete and total strangers!

Consider hiring your cleaning services queens on a trial basis

If you really want to make sure that you have selected one of the best cleaning services Queens has to offer, you might want to (at least consider) hiring these professionals a trial basis.

In this way, you will be able to better understand exactly what these experts bring to the table as far as their services are concerned (and all of the benefits that you’ll be able to take advantage of), but you’ll also be able to get a better read on just how trustworthy these services are.

Sure, you might not be able to learn absolutely everything about these professionals during your trial basis, but you’ll have at least a little bit of extra information that you would have had access to otherwise.

On the flip side, you may run into a little bit of trouble finding professional maid services in Queens that are willing to hire out their professional teams of experts on a trial basis, just because of scheduling issues.

This is something that you want to discuss with these experts before you move forward, and is definitely something that you need to make sure all parties are comfortable with.

If you are able to schedule a trial service period with the maids that you are hoping to hire full-time, you’ll want to try and make it as long as possible – at least two weeks, and preferably even more if you can.

This will really give you a great idea as to what they bring to the table without exposing you to too terribly much risk at the exact same time.

Of course, at the end of the day, you need to make sure that you are always working with real professionals and not just some random strangers you found on Craigslist (or something similar).

This is why you’ll need to seriously consider the experts at Maid in Queens. They have an established relationship with many clients in New York City, and have proven (time and time again) that they are trustworthy experts that know exactly how to get the job done – and won’t break your bank account in the process.

Contact your cleaning services queens for more information at your earliest possible convenience!

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