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Maids come clean – What cleaning services Queen in the city want you to know but won’t tell you

By December 12, 2014Uncategorized

Queens cleaning service professionals are pretty good at keeping secrets.

cleaning services Queens NY

After all, just about every single client any of them take on are going to expect at least a minimum level of privacy, especially if they are inviting these professionals into their home.

The last thing that anyone wants to discover is that they are maid is somewhere out on the town blabbing about their home, blabbing about their possessions, or generally talking about their client in ways that they wouldn’t be all that happy about.

But there are a couple of things that Queens maids definitely want to get off of their chest but won’t for a variety of different reasons – especially when they are trying to talk to you, their client.

That these things could probably help to make the overall working relationship a little bit better, to boost the results that they are able to provide you with dramatically, and to help you sleep a little bit easier at night knowing that you made the right decision when hiring from amongst the different cleaning services Queens has to offer.

But there’s just something holding most of these cleaning services Queens NY back.

A lot of it has to do with a sense of professionalism, some of it has to do with a lack of a comfort level between and the client because of the length of the relationship as it is right now, and some of it just has to do with poor communication skills across the board.

Regardless, we spent a bit of time combing through all different kinds of resources online and off to find out what cleaning services Queens (and maids throughout the city, throughout the world, for that matter) would like their clients to know but just don’t have it in them to say something about it.

We think you’re going to be pretty pleasantly surprised with all of the information included below!

There’s no way your whole house can be cleaned in an hour

Though you are likely hiring Queens cleaning services to come in and take care of your chores as quickly as humanly possible, to provide you with high quality results in record time, you have to understand that there is a world of difference between realistic expectations and what some clients will settle for when they talk about “fast service”.

If you have a studio apartment in the city you can probably expect a professional maid service from Queens to come in and clean the whole place in record time, but if you’re talking about an entire townhouse with five rooms, a bunch of bathrooms, and maybe even some outdoor spaces you need to allow for a bit of extra time that you may not have anticipated.

You never want to be “that client” with unrealistic expectations.

You’ll end up with poor results across the board and an unhappy team of Queens cleaning service professionals that aren’t all that excited about bending over backwards to help make your life a little bit easier (and a whole lot cleaner).

If you’re picky about cleaning supplies being used, you should probably supply them yourself

There are a lot of people out there that aren’t all that particular about the cleaning supplies that are used by their Queens cleaning service – but there are definitely people out there that have very specific requests, supplies that are “blacklisted”, and a number of other preferences that may or may not be all that generic.

Rather than get upset with any of the Queens cleaning services you have decided to hire to do this work for you because they weren’t using the supplies that you preferred – especially if cleaning services Queens NY haven’t been instructed to do so – it’s a good idea to get your hands on these quality cleaning supplies ahead of time and keep them at your place.

This will save everyone a world of headache and hassle, and will also guarantee that you aren’t being overcharged for specialty cleaning supplies in the process.

Most every single one of the cleaning services Queens, and why has to offer will be more than willing to use any of the cleaning supplies you request, but if they have to go out and purchase these materials specifically for your place they are probably going to charge you a bit of a premium.

This is something that you’re going to want to be aware of my head of time, and definitely something that you’re probably going to want to jump out ahead of before you get hit with a larger bill than you expected.

We don’t usually operate on a BYOM basis

Speaking of supplies, the overwhelming majority of cleaning services Queens has to offer aren’t going to operate on a “BYOM” (Bring My Own Mop) basis.

Sure, they are going to bring all kinds of cleaning supplies with queens cleaning service, but the majority of people are going to hope or expect to use the cleaning equipment you have on hand.

There’s just no way that they are going to carry new mops, new vacuum cleaners, and all kinds of other pieces of equipment and supplies from client to client – it just wouldn’t be feasible in the city, and their prices would be astronomical.

If you want to make sure that the job is done to your exact standards (with absolutely no headache or hassle whatsoever), it’s important that you invest in high quality cleaning equipment to get the job done right as suggested by cleaning services Queens NY.

This might involve purchasing new mops on a regular basis, upgrading your broom from time to time, or making sure that your vacuum is living up to expectations. Obviously, a quality cleaning services Queens is going to do whatever they can to make sure that your home is spotless regardless of the caliber of equipment on hand, but it might make their life a little bit easier if you have the right stuff at home.

We’ll do whatever we can to make your life a little bit easier…within reason

Even though you are likely to hire cleaning services Queens to tackle most of the chores you want absolutely nothing to do with on your own, it’s of the utmost importance that you understand that there are certain services they can provide – and certain services that they won’t.

Just because people hire a Queens cleaning service to do all of the mopping, scrubbing, dusting, vacuuming, and laundry doesn’t mean that they are going to take out the trash, mend clothing, or run out to the dry cleaner and pick of coffee on the way back.

That’s just not the way it works, but believe it or not there are a lot of people in the city that have those kinds of expectations for cleaning services Queens NY.

It’s important to remember that this is a job, a career, and these cleaning services Queens NY have been hired to do a specific task for a specific amount of money.

Asking more from queens cleaning service from time to time (with proper compensation) probably isn’t going to be all that big of a deal – but taking advantage on a regular basis is going to cause more than a little bit of friction with your cleaning services Queens.

It’s the little gestures that mean the most to 

Believe or not, it’s the small gestures from clients to their cleaning services Queens that usually make the biggest impression.

A Post-it note with a short little thank you message is going to mean a whole lot more than some kind of “grand gesture” that feels forced, and it’s important to remember this when it comes time to show your Queens cleaning service just how much you appreciate their help.

Tidying the place up before they show up without going overboard, making sure that there aren’t any “bodily fluids” that need to be cleaned up, and generally doing whatever you can to make their chores a bit easier are going to be very much appreciated – and your Queens cleaning service will almost always find a way to reciprocate the gesture tenfold.

The memory always fades in time and ink lasts longer

It’s not always easy to do, but it’s important to remember that the best cleaning services Queens NY has to offer (queens cleaning services like Maid in Queens) are going to be flooded with all kinds of clients with specific requests, and if they forget about a request that you have made verbally it’s not something that you should take personally.

A better idea is to write down and record this request or even email it in so that cleaning services Queens has a record of it. In this way, the supervisors or managers of the service will be able to make sure that your request is always met without any headache or hassle whatsoever, rather than hoping to rely on the memory of the actual housecleaning Queens professionals that show up to perform the work for you.

This might not be an absolutely ideal situation across the board, and in those circumstances you might want to just leave a friendly note behind for your cleaning service professionals to find when they get to your home.

It might feel a little bit repetitive, but when you realize that they probably have all kinds of people making the same kind of requests on every project that they show up to, you’ll understand why it’s so easy for cleaning services Queens to forget about the requests you have put in.

You can trust in cleaning services Queens NY advice

Just like you would trust your mechanic, your super, or your chiropractor to give you quality advice based on their experience and their training, you can trust your cleaning services Queens to give you the same kind of quality advice when it comes to household issues.

Sure, you might blanch at the idea of taking this kind of advice from someone that you haven’t met before, a complete and total stranger, but once you realize that these are professionals that have been in this career for some time now (especially those that are working for reliable and reputable cleaning services Queens like Maid in Queens), you likely won’t have those same kind of apprehensions going forward.

Don’t be shy about asking for tips, tricks, and other little hints that they can provide you with to help you more efficiently clean and maintain your home or your property.

You might be surprised at what you pick up!

Look out for people that’ll “price you out” over the phone

There are so many different cleaning services Queens NY has to offer – legitimate and those that aren’t so legitimate – that finding the right one can be a bit of a nightmare.

One thing to look out for is any service out there that is willing to “price you out” (give you a quote for services) without ever coming to your home and seeing what kind of work the project will entail in the first place.

Sure, sometimes you’ll be able to get a bit of a ballpark figure out of a reliable and reputable service, but all of cleaning services Queens – all of the professional house cleaning services Queens NY – will want to send out one of their representatives to give you a more concrete idea about what you’re getting into.

Drop in on queens cleaning service from time to time…you won’t be disappointed!

If you aren’t going to be home when your Queens maid is, it’s not a terrible idea to drop in on cleaning services Queens from time to time – even when it’s unannounced.

Remember, these are professionals that are just going to be doing their work, even if you surprised queens cleaning service when you come through the door. They aren’t going to be lounging in your bed, eating your snacks, and checking out your Blu-ray collection on TV – they’re going to be scrubbing, mopping, or vacuuming.

In fact, it might not be such a bad idea to pop in unannounced at least a couple of times just to put your own mind at ease!

Believe it or not, cleaning up beforehand usually makes our job even harder!

At the end of the day, you have hired a specific Queens cleaning service to do a specific job.

And while you might feel that cleaning up is going to make their lives a bit easier, the truth of the matter is you might be making things harder for your cleaning services Queens NY than you realize. After all, when everything is clean it’s hard to find areas that can be “cleaned even more” – and that’s going to make it difficult for these professionals to do their job correctly.

Tidy things up for sure, but definitely don’t go overboard.

If you want to make sure that you’re always working with a top-of-the-line professional service, contact the experts Maid in Queens at your earliest convenience.

You won’t regret hiring a cleaning services Queens NY!

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