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Seven big-time mistakes people make when hiring a cleaning services queens

By December 7, 2014Uncategorized

There isn’t anything easy about picking from amongst the best cleaning services queens has to offer.


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Not only are there a ton of different options to pick and choose from when you’re looking for this particular service, but just about every single company out there is going to promise the moon and the stars when it comes to results.

It’s enough to make anybody’s head spin.

But figuring out exactly which queens cleaning service is the right fit for you is going to fall squarely on your shoulders. You are going to need to weed through all of the marketing and advertising out there, all of the referrals and references, and every single customer testimonial or case study that you come across and pick one – just one – to move forward with.

That’s a lot of responsibility.

Combine all of that with the fact that there are “independent contractors” flooding Craigslist and other websites with promises to come and clean your home for next to nothing, and you’re looking at a super competitive marketplace that is going to be anything but easy to navigate.

And that’s why so many people make big mistakes when comes time to hire a cleaning service in queens.

Hopefully though, by the time you’re done reading this quick guide, you won’t have to worry about any of that any longer.

Instead, you’ll be able to replace all of that hassle in headache with a fine-tuned approach to selecting the right house cleaning services queens ny, the perfect group of experts to give you the exact results you’re looking for while sticking to your budget at the exact same time.

We are going to cover seven of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes time to find different cleaning services queens ny has to offer, and though they aren’t the only mistakes that can be made they definitely represent the mistakes that are most frequently made – as well as the mistakes that could cost you the most in the short and long term.

Pay close attention to this insider information when you are getting ready to hire any queens cleaning service (even one as highly regarded as the professionals at Maid in Queens) and you literally won’t have anything to worry about anymore!

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Great! Let’s do it!

You must ABSOLUTELY never pick any queens cleaning service based on price alone

Easily one of the biggest mistakes you could ever make (and we mean EVER make) when it comes to finding a house cleaning service in queens ny is to choose a service-based only on the lowest possible price you can find.

When you are talking about Queens (or New York City in general), you have to realize that you are almost always going to be able to find someone – ANYONE – to do a job for you at just about any price point.

It’s really not that difficult to find companies or independent contractors that are willing to cut their own throats to win even just a little bit of business. In fact, it’s incredibly easy to do exactly that.

The problem is you almost never want to work with these “professionals”, for a number of different reasons.

For one thing, when you’re talking about working with the lowest possible price cleaning services queens ny  has to offer, you’re talking about a business that is going to have to cut corners somewhere to remain profitable.

And you had better believe that they are going to cut corners on your end if at all possible.

This means that they are going to do a poor job of cleaning your home, they are going to use terrible equipment and cleaning solutions to do that low-quality work, and that’s if they are pretty ethical people. Hurry and call your local cleaning services queens now!

If they aren’t, you may have invited some pretty unsavory characters into your home and given them permission to go through all of your things – especially while you are in total.

Is that something that you’re really willing to do?

Secondly, when you hire a queens cleaning service that is based off of ridiculously low prices alone, you had better expect or anticipate that they aren’t quite as on the “up and up” as you had hoped.

The odds are pretty good that they aren’t going to be carrying insurance, may not be licensed by the city or the state, and may be more than happy to hire illegal immigrants or other unsavory characters to do the “heavy lifting” of the work for them – a perfect combination of factors that you don’t want anything to do with whatsoever for cleaning services queens.

Finally, there are a lot of cleaning services queens ny that promise the moon and the stars when it comes to ridiculously low-priced services, only to turn around and jack up the price after they have performed the work.

This kind of bait and switch is pretty common amongst the lower level services in the area, and you want to make sure that you aren’t getting suckered into one of these deals. They can really make your life miserable, and it’s just extra stress and pressure that you really shouldn’t have to deal with. To avoid all this, it is better to call a local cleaning services queens ny at Maid in Queens now.

Don’t hire a queens cleaning service without an interview

It is incredibly irresponsible to hire any cleaning service (or any service professional, for that matter) based off of a single contact with them – especially one that may not have even been in person!

There are a lot of horror stories out there regarding people that found cheap cleaning experts on the Internet that were highly regarded and well reviewed, and almost hired them out of hand – only to discover that most of those reviews were fabricated and they found themselves in a pretty sticky situation.  Only hire from a cleaning services queens at Maid in Queens.

You do not want to have to deal with that headache and hassle.

No matter what you may have read about a specific cleaning service queens ny, you have to be at least a little bit crazy – and no small amount your responsible – to hire anyone whatsoever to come into your home (especially when you aren’t there) and have free reign of the place without doing a bit of background research and going through an interview process.

All of the top of the line queens cleaning service in the area are going to be more than happy to sit down with you face-to-face, one-on-one, and speak to you about the services that they offer, show you a list of clients and customers that they’ve worked with in the past that you are free to contact on your own, and help to put all of your fears or anxiety to bed for good.

A service like Maid in Queens (one of the best maid housecleaning Queens services around) almost insist on you coming in and doing an in person interview, if only to make sure that both parties are a perfect fit and that everything is as transparent as humanly possible.

Remember, this is a business relationship in every sense of the phrase.

You are going to be to make sure that there are open lines of communication between you and these experts, and you are going to need to know that you can trust them in your home opener with all of your possessions) without having to worry about anything else.

Always (ALWAYS) follow through with an interview.

Only work with experts that have systems and procedures in place

Sure, you might be able to “strike it rich” with a brand-new cleaning service that is just trying to get its feet underneath it, but for the most part you are going to want to work with established professionals that have a “well oiled machine” for a business to avoid any of these growing pains.

Look, modern business is so super competitive that you cannot even hope to survive unless you systemize and streamline your business as much as possible.

This is especially true in the ultracompetitive environment of New York City (and Queens in particular), which is why the very best cleaning services queens has to offer always have systems, policies, and procedures in place so that they can offer a consistent result for each and every one of their clients and customers regardless of anything happening internally.

There is no reason to go with an operation that flies by the seat of their pants when you have the opportunity to work with experts that know exactly what they’re doing, know what it takes to deliver high-quality cleaning results, and hire the right people for the job at hand.

It’s irresponsible to do anything else.

ALWAYS do your own research

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are getting ready to choose a Queens cleaning service is letting that particular service do the bulk of their research or fact-finding for them.

Sure, we don’t realize that this is exactly what we are doing in the moment, but if you are basing your selection process or your decision off of the marketing in advertising that different companies have provided you with that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Obviously, companies (all companies, not just housecleaning services in Queens) are going to paint themselves in as attractive a light as humanly possible. They are going to “bend” the truth, usually ethically, but almost always in some way, shape, or form, and they are going to try and puff themselves up to make themselves appear more appealing than their competition.

It’s just the nature of the beast, and you have to expect and anticipate this happening.

This means that you need to take all of the information that cleaning services queens provide you with in their marketing and advertising with a grain of salt, registering it for sure but then doing your own independent research as well.

The Internet is going to be your best friend in this regard, and should allow you to conduct all kinds of in-depth information on just about any and every Queens cleaning service out there – including experts like Maid in Queens – with just a few clicks of a button.

10,000 pounds of promises aren’t worth a single pound of proof

One of the most important things you can do (especially here in the city) is make sure that you are always working with professional cleaning services from the area that hire people that are legally able to work in this country.

Not only that, but you also need to make sure that every single person that the cleaning service sends to your home has been investigated fully with an in-depth background and criminal check, and that they have passed with flying colors.

But you’re also going to want to make sure that your cleaning service in Queens provides you with documented proof about those background checks and verifies all of the documentation with you before you give a green light to move forward with that company.

Promises are one thing, but when you are talking about something as important as this they’ll only get you so far. Always ask for proof and documentation before signing on the dotted line and hiring any cleaning services queens ny  have to offer.

Closing thoughts

At the end of the day, you want to be 100% sure that you are going to be working with professionals that know how to get the job done, will respect your privacy and your property, and will leave your home better off than they found it.

For this reason (and so many more) you always – ALWAYS – need to work with only the best cleaning services in the area.

You’ll find that most people regard the experts at Maid in Queens to be the very best of the best, and they are more than happy to help you out in any way that they can. Providing cleaning services to Queens and the New York City area for quite some time now, they have a reputation for professionalism, results, and discretion that you can really appreciate can count on.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about these experts and really figure out if they are right for you, simply contact your local cleaning services queens ny at Maid in Queens at your earliest convenience.

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